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Sign up today with Martens Ambulance to become an American Heart Association BLS provider.  Martens is committed to creating an effective learning environment for all learners. Our team is dedicated to teaching the up-and-coming care providers the most effective way to save lives in emergency situations.

What is the American Heart Association BLS?

Basic Life Support (BLS) is a certification available through the American Heart Association.  BLS is very similar to a CPR course.  However, it is more geared towards healthcare providers.  The BLS is commonly referred to as “Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers.”

American Heart Association BLS

Marten’s emergency responder courses build off of one another.  Our CPR course lays the foundation of the BLS certification.  In addition, the BLS will further elaborate on the CPR skillset.  BLS takes a more in-depth approach.  This certification is taught with consideration to a more medically-oriented environment.  BLS will provide a more comprehensive understanding of CPR.  Professionals who work in a higher-risk or medically oriented environment benefit from this certification.  Such professions include EMTs, lifeguards, police officers, teachers, coaches, daycare providers, and more.

BLS Training

Marten’s Ambulance teaches American Heart Association BLS certification courses in Cleveland, Ohio.  Taught by experienced professionals, this course follows the American Heart Association guidelines.  The highlights of the BLS course include an advanced understanding of CPR, effective team rescue communication, and preparation for emergency situations.  BLS certification will include hands-on training and interactive demonstration.  With case-by-case scenarios, Martens teaching includes written and interactive testing.

Certifications courses are taught in an active classroom setting. Years of teaching experience has shown Martens Ambulance that classes are best taught in small groups.  Small groups encourage participants to engage, ask questions, and reach a thorough understanding.  Class instructors are able to keep a close eye on participants, ensuring absolute comprehension before certification.

BLS Certification

Martens Ambulance teaches varying degrees of the BLS certification.  Levels include a BLS skills-only session and the BLS Provider course.  Visit our website to view the class schedule and sign up for the BLS course today.   

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