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Our employees, the heart of the operation, must pass a comprehensive hiring process that includes:

  1. Criminal Background Checks (Senate Bill 160)

  2. Valid Ohio Drivers License

  3. Comprehensive Health Physical and Random Substance tests

  4. Abuse Screening

  5. Minimum 18 years of age

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Continuing Education

The quality continues after the employee is hired and includes completion of continuing education requirements and immunizations (TB, HEP B titre, and dpT).

Donald Martens & Sons have many safety policies for our employees, including an injury and illness prevention policy, safety incident policy, hazard communications policy, hazard materials policy, and vehicle safety policy. Our health and wellness programs are used to reduce injury and accidents.

Employee Benefits

Employees enjoy a dedicated lounge as well as a flexible, friendly, and family environment.

Our on-site training facility seats 72 students. We provide training, education for CEUs and tuition assistance.

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Safety is our top priority

Annual fleet inspections, on-site mechanics, and scheduled maintenance are what keep our 120 vehicle fleet in top order.

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