Martens Ambulance Services

Donald Martens and Sons offer a wide range of ambulance services and transportation.  We are committed to creating a team that believes in service excellence. Donald Martens and Sons maintain a fleet of routinely checked and maintained service vehicles that meet all state specifications.  We aim to provide the education and training skills necessary for the highest quality of care to be reflected in the way we attend to our patients.

Education and Certifications

To best contribute to the growth and quality of care in the health care industry, Martens offers a range of education and certification services.  Whether you are simply renewing your First Aid certification or are working your way towards becoming an EMT, our team is happy to teach you the necessary skills.  

The courses we offer are designed to build off of each other. This helps further the skill set of the individuals participating.  Our educational and certification services include the following. 

Transportation Services

Martens Ambulance provides our patients with varying levels of transport care.  For any questions regarding which degree of care is best for your transport need, we encourage you to contact our team.

Ambulette Driver

Staffed by individuals trained in CPR and Basic First Aid. Ambulette is a non-ambulatory patient that can sit in a wheelchair and has no special needs other than oxygen at the time of the transport.

Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support (BLS) is staffed with EMTs and provides stretcher transport of a patient who is either temporarily or permanently non-ambulatory and unable to be transported via wheelchair. Patients requiring this type of transportation do not have any special needs other than oxygen.

Advanced Life Support

The Advanced Life Support (ALS) vehicles are staffed with an EMT and a Paramedic transporting patients requiring basic IV and/or cardiac monitoring and definitive respiratory care.

Specialty Care Transport

Specialty Care Transport is staffed with a Paramedic that has completed our internal training program on ventilator management, chest tube transport, central venous and PICC line monitoring, and medication infusion on IV pumps.


If at any time after a trip is scheduled, the patient’s needs or condition changes, please advise our dispatcher so that we may provide the most appropriate level of care.

Our Service Vehicles and Equipment

With certified on-site mechanics, Donald Martens & Sons provides in-house vehicle maintenance, helping us ensure a safe and reliable fleet. We have daily, unparalleled fleet inspections and preventative maintenance on a scheduled basis. Our fleet contains over 120 vehicles. To ensure the highest level of quality, back up vehicles and supplies are replaced at the end of each shift.

To best serve and assure the safety of our patients, all of our ambulances meet federal KKK-A-1182 ambulance specifications and all state specifications. All of our ambulances are ALS certified.

Our Employees Make the Difference

We treat patients as if they were our own family members.

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Safety is our top priority

Annual fleet inspections, on-site mechanics, and scheduled maintenance are what keep our 120 vehicle fleet in top order.

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