American Heart Association CPR

Martens Ambulance is committed to teaching civilians and health care providers the proper skill set to respond in an emergency situation.  A range of courses includes American Heart Association CPR, BLS, ACLS, and PALS. Sign up today and take our next American Heart Association (AHA) CPR course.

The AHA CPR Course

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of the most basic but also most important certifications to have.  Anyone can become CPR certified whether you are a business professional, a coach, or working to become a healthcare provider.  Being comfortable with CPR allows the ability to remain calm in an emergency situation.  At Marten’s Ambulance, we believe it is part of our civic duty to arm others with this ability. Martens teaches our learners how to react swiftly and efficiently in varying scenarios. 

For years, the AHA has been the world leader in CPR training and education.  The American Heart Association CPR guidelines are continuously being improved and updated.  Because of this, millions of healthcare providers trust in the AHA for their lifesaving skills and methods.  At Martens Ambulance, we choose to follow their lead.  The CPR course we offer follows AHA guidelines, including their coursework, content, and skills.  

AHA CPR Training CPR Classes Cleveland Ohio

Training for the American Heart Association CPR is a classroom, video-based, instructor-led course.  Experienced professionals at Marten’s Ambulance lead the course.  Many of these professionals have had years of experience as emergency responders and other healthcare providers.  The AHA course uses the practice-while-watching technique.  This approach is excellent for visual and hands-on learners.  Taught in small groups, learners are carefully supervised by instructors who provide feedback and guide the students’ learning.
Course content includes adult CPR, AED use, basic first aid, and choking relief.  Additionally, a brief module covers the basis of performing CPR on children.  In summary, learners will discover the proper steps to responding in an emergency situation.

AHA CPR Certification

Upon course completion, users receive a certification card.  The AHA Heartsaver CPR AED course card is valid for 2 years.  Once expired, cardholders must retake the course.  This rule is put into place to ensure that updated guidelines are being followed.  Additionally, learners are able to brush up on skills and technique.  Recertification informs learners of any and all of the latest techniques.  Continuous research and improvements are what makes the AHA CPR course so reliable and beneficial.  Sign up today to learn lifesaving skills!

Visit our website to view the class schedule and sign up for your CPR course today. 

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