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When seeking CPR Classes in Cleveland, Ohio, consider Marten’s Ambulance.  Marten’s offers a range of educational courses.  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of the most basic yet also most important certifications to have when entering the world of health care.  CPR Certifications allow for the ability to remain calm and make a difference in a high-pressure situation.  Team up with Marten’s Ambulance for the next CPR class in Cleveland.

Why take a CPR course?

The ability to perform CPR provides everyday people with the ability to respond to emergency situations. At Marten’s Ambulance, we believe it is part of our civic duty to prepare others.  Through this course, we teach the necessary skill set to react efficiently in the event of an emergency.  

Based on the nature of work, CPR certifications are often wanted or required for certain careers including personal trainers, massage therapists, and fitness professionals.  CPR classes help educate professionals or simply members of the community.  Training teaches participants the updated CPR techniques, preparing them for an emergency situation.

CPR TrainingCPR Classes Cleveland Ohio

Marten’s Ambulance offers CPR training classes in Cleveland, Ohio.  CPR courses are taught by experienced professionals and follow the national resuscitation guidelines. Class participants will also learn the necessary steps for AED resuscitation.  Martens Ambulance offers CPR/AED, First Aid, and course bundling options. Grouping the CPR/AED with First Aid will provide participants with a well-rounded knowledge of how to properly respond in a moment of crisis.  

The CPR/AED and First Aid courses that our professionals teach include hands-on training as well as a skills session.  Certification courses are taught in a classroom setting. Through years of teaching experience, Martens has learned that CPR classes are best taught in small groups.  Small groups encourage participants to ask questions in order to reach a thorough understanding.  Class instructors are able to keep a close eye on participant technique and knowledge before administering the CPR exam.

CPR Certification

CPR/AED certifications and First Aid certifications expire after two years.  As your certification is nearing expiration, a renewal course must be taken in order to maintain your credentials.  This is a standard requirement put into place in order to ensure that CPR certified individuals maintain their skill set and are informed of any and all of the latest techniques.

CPR classes are typically completed within 4 hours.  Pricing will vary based on course bundling options and can be found below. At the end of the day, this is a small price to pay and a short amount of time spent to obtain a life-saving skill.  Marten’s Ambulance urges everyone to become CPR Certified.

Visit our website to view the class schedule and sign up for your CPR course today. 

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