Donald Martens & Sons Ambulance Service is proud to offer a number of different educational courses through Premier Health & Safety Academy. Click here to browse the calendar and view the courses offered.


American Heart Association HEARTSAVER

  • $52.00 HeartSaver/CPR AED
  • $47.00 HeartSaver First Aid
  • $88.00 HeartSaver CPR AED and First Aid

American Heart Association BLS

  • $62.00 BLS Provider
  • $47.00 Heartcode (Skills Only Session)

American Heart Association ACLS

  • $235.00 ACLS Provider (2-day)
  • $149.00 ACLS Renewal/Update (8-hour)
  • $113.00 ACLS Heartcode (Skills Only Session)

American Heart Association PALS

  • $235.00 PALS Provider
  • $149.00 PALS Renewal/Update
  • $113.00 PALS Heartcode (Skills Only Session)


  • (Currently offered to employees only.)


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