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Sign up today with Martens Ambulance to earn the PALS certification.  Martens is committed to creating an effective learning environment for all learners. Our team is dedicated to teaching care providers the skillset to save lives in emergency situations.

PALS Certification | Martens Ambulance

What is PALS?

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is a certification available through the American Heart Association.  PALS teaches important concepts and the methodical approach to pediatric emergencies.  The goal of the PALS certification is to improve the outcome of seriously ill or injured children by preparing care providers.

Many of Marten’s emergency responder courses build off of one another.  Our CPR course lays the foundation of the Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.  In return, BLS is the groundwork for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) and PALS.  The PALS certification is geared directly towards children.  Discover more about training and course content below.

PALS Training

Marten’s Ambulance teaches American Heart Association PALS courses in Cleveland, Ohio.  This course is taught by experienced professionals and follows the American Heart Association guidelines. 

Highlights of PALS Course Content:

  • High-quality Child CPR AED
  • Infant CPR
  • Recognizing patients who do and do not require immediate attention
  • The ability to recognize cardiopulmonary arrest early and apply CPR within 10 seconds
  • Learning and applying team dynamics
  • The ability to differentiate between:
    • Respiratory distress and respiratory failure
    • Compensated and decompensated (hypotensive) shock
    • Unstable and stable patients with arrhythmias
  • Early intervention for:
    • Respiratory distress and respiratory failure
    • Treatment of shock
  • Recognizing characteristics of instability in patients with arrhythmias
  • Post-cardiac arrest management

The PALS certification course is taught in an active classroom setting. Years of teaching experience proves small group learning to be effective.  The classroom-based setting allows learners group interaction and constant feedback from the instructor.  Small groups encourage participants to engage, ask questions, and reach a thorough understanding.  Coursework includes realistic pediatric emergency scenarios.  Simulated scenarios will teach learners the proper approach to assessing and treating children in the case of an emergency.

PALS Certification

Martens Ambulance teaches varying degrees of the PALS certification.  Levels include a PALS skills-only session, PALS renewal course, and PALS provider course.  Visit our website to view the class schedule.  Sign up today to earn your certification!